Hello, November. 

I know, I know. Its the 4th already. I turned 31 last week, yay. And I had a decent birthday weekend. Hung out with friends and family on Thursday and Friday, and then I got an amazing surprise dinner party on Saturday. It was a beautiful weekend, but I was glad when it was over. I felt like I needed a break from social activities & people. 
It’s November now, and I unfortunately still haven’t launched the venture that was supposed to launch unfailingly in October. I hate to keep moving the target, but it really sucks when you have to work with other people and you can’t do it all on your own. I’m shooting (again) for November 30th. So help me God. Blood, sweat, whatever it takes this time. It needs to be up and running by or before November 30th. 

My goals remain focused on my spirituality, my relationships, work, and my health and fitness. I also want to write more (here) as well as the short stories I’ve been working on. And I absolutely have to read more. October was a bad month for reading. This month I have to finish 2 books I’ve been stuck on (why am I forcing myself to finish them?) and then add one additional book. I’m long overdue for a trip to terra kulture to get new African lit. 

Generally, life is good and I’m beyond thankful to my Lord. Which of His favors can I deny? (Quran 55:13). Which of His favors can I deny????

Love, Andrea. 


Weekly checkin. 

I realize that a lot of problems in my life arise because I tend to overthink and over complicate things. I’ve therefore made that my task for the week. I’m going to stay happy and see the positive side of things, no matter how bad anything gets this week. Choosing to stay positive, by itself, makes everything a hundred times better. 
And I need to finish this book I’ve been reading for about two weeks, so that I can move on to the next. 
Currently listening to Az yet; brings back memories. 




My favorite month, for obvious reasons. 
I’ve slacked greatly in the last few months on many of my goals and plans. However I’m going to work harder to achieve them this month, as a birthday gift to myself. 

  • Must launch my new venture by the end of this month… I’ve been moving the deadline each month. Can’t afford to anymore. I keep seeing people doing things and making moves, and wishing that it was me. It’s time to stop making excuses and start making progress. 
  • Must take my health & fitness more seriously. I’ve been doing an okay job with this, on & off. But it’s time to take it to the next level. 
  • Must take better control of my finances. Money has been FLYING out way faster than it’s been coming in. If I keep going at this rate, I’m going to have to file for bankruptcy. So it’s time to slow down on spending. The annoying part is all the money goes to irrelevant things. 
  • Must continue to love myself. If love appears along the way, yay. If not, I’m good. But I’m no longer obsessing about being in a relationship. 
  • Must get closer to God. Because He’s the only constant in my life. 
  • Must write more. At least once a week for my short stories, and at least once a week on this blog. This blog helps me set goals and helps me take stock. 
  • Must volunteer. I’ve planned and talked about it for two months. It’s time to actually start doing it; to dedicate a number of hours each week to charity. 

Hope you (& I) have an amazing week. 
Love, Andrea. 
Current mood: Content. Energized. 

Saturday Night.

Saturday night in bed, listening to Gyptian and Jah Cure, and I haven’t been this content in a while. Sitting here by myself, writing, reading, and just being, is more than enough to keep my happy right now. It’s been a while since I’ve just chilled out alone and not hung out with friends on the weekend. I’m really enjoying my weekend alone. I’m also finding it to be a very creative and productive one. I’ve missed days like this! I went to an art gallery, had lunch with my cousins, and then came home to by by myself.

I think September is about to be another ‘No Boys Allowed’ month. I’m just so overwhelmed with dating/trying to find the one, and I’d rather not deal with all that. I’m not sad/depressed/or anything. I’m just actually beginning to love being by myself. It beats putting up with anyone’s drama.

Love, Andrea.

Current mood: Happy.

Hello September 

Today I went to a burger joint, took a really good book with me, and just sat and ate in solitude for about an hour. And it felt really good!

Why don’t I go out by myself more often? 
Life has been good; I really have no complaints. It’s September and I cannot wait to see what the month has in store. 

One big goal I have this month is to launch my business officially; Amen.  And I need to continue to learn to love myself. I’m no longer in the no boy zone though, hehhe. I’m now opening myself up to whatever the world has for me.  

Oh, and I need to connect with more art this month. Art, music, and such… I need to find stimulating events. 

Love, Andrea. 

New Week, New Possibilities. 

I’m thankful for the weekend I had. Unexpected [but very welcomed] turns and detours; but it all worked out perfectly. As a new week beckons, and the last one in the month of August, I need to revisit my August goals and ensure that I work hard to achieve them. 

Above all, I plan and pray to stay happy this week no matter what life throws my way. And I also need to not overthink anything. I shall just let things be and let everything fall into place just how and when it’s supposed to. 

Have a happy, love-filled week. 

Love, Andrea. 

Can’t stop. Won’t stop. 

Sometimes I want to quit. Quit trying to create something and just get a job. But I can’t quit this time around. I knew it wouldn’t be easy before I decided to dive back in. It’s just really frustrating to not be 100% in control; to have to rely on [unreliable] employees. 

But I cannot quit again. This is what sets my soul on fire. I need to keep at it and overcome all the obstacles. That thing about Coca-cola selling only 25 bottles in their first year and not quitting has really motivated me today. At least I’m doing much better than them, lol. 

Love, Andrea.