Hello, November. 

I know, I know. Its the 4th already. I turned 31 last week, yay. And I had a decent birthday weekend. Hung out with friends and family on Thursday and Friday, and then I got an amazing surprise dinner party on Saturday. It was a beautiful weekend, but I was glad when it was over. I felt like I needed a break from social activities & people. 
It’s November now, and I unfortunately still haven’t launched the venture that was supposed to launch unfailingly in October. I hate to keep moving the target, but it really sucks when you have to work with other people and you can’t do it all on your own. I’m shooting (again) for November 30th. So help me God. Blood, sweat, whatever it takes this time. It needs to be up and running by or before November 30th. 

My goals remain focused on my spirituality, my relationships, work, and my health and fitness. I also want to write more (here) as well as the short stories I’ve been working on. And I absolutely have to read more. October was a bad month for reading. This month I have to finish 2 books I’ve been stuck on (why am I forcing myself to finish them?) and then add one additional book. I’m long overdue for a trip to terra kulture to get new African lit. 

Generally, life is good and I’m beyond thankful to my Lord. Which of His favors can I deny? (Quran 55:13). Which of His favors can I deny????

Love, Andrea. 


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